When it comes time to buying a house, there are fun things to do and not-so-fun things to do.

Touring houses and seeing all of the new, fun things you want in your house?


Getting qualified for a mortgage to see if you can actually afford all of those amazing things you want in your house?


Through our network of websites, we collect thousands of consumers each day who are ready to do the not-so-fun part of buying a house – speaking with a lender who can help them qualify for a mortgage to buy a house.

Mortgage Purchase Leads: Information We Collect

When a consumer visits one of our websites and inquires about getting a mortgage for buying a house, we typically collect about 20 different fields of information.

Some of the most relevant fields we collect include:

  • Expected Purchase Price
  • Type of Home (Single Family Home, Condo, Investment Property, etc.)
  • Credit Rating
  • Zip Code / Area They Want To Buy In
  • When Do They Expect To Buy
  • Do They Have a Realtor
  • Do They Have a Home Picked Out Yet
  • Have They Served In The Military

Purchase Leads By Loan Program: FHA, VA, USDA

Many lenders are targeting consumers by loan programs. It is common for us to hear a lender request go something like this: “I’m interested in VA purchase leads …”

And so we have designed products for three of our most popular government-loan programs – the VA loan program, the FHA loan program and the USDA loan program.

FHA Purchase Leads

People who come to one of our websites, want to speak with a loan officer about getting qualified to buy a home and have good-enough-credit to qualify for a FHA loan would fit into our FHA purchase lead program.

These are typically first-time homebuyers or people who have less than perfect credit and are great candidates for an FHA loan.

Common delivery for these leads is via a data post or a warm transfer from our call center.

Contact us about our FHA purchase lead programs.

VA Purchase Leads

One of the questions we ask consumers who visit one of our sites is whether they have served in the Military.

If a consumer answers “YES” to our question about whether-or-not they have served in the military, and they ask us to match them with a lender who can help them get a mortgage to buy a home – then they fit into our VA purchase lead program bucket.

These people are wanting help getting qualified for a mortgage and may not be even aware of the VA loan program, so it is a good opportunity for the lender to demonstrate their expertise as to why the VA loan program is a great option to get someone into their dream home.

Common delivery for these leads is via a data post or a warm transfer from our call center.

Contact us about VA purchase lead programs.

USDA Mortgage Purchase Leads

For people who want to buy a home in an area that is designated as “rural” – the USDA loan program is a great option.

Some lenders have decided to specialize in helping people with the USDA loan program and we have a small network of websites dedicated to bringing consumers relevant information about USDA loan program.

USDA lead programs are available and delivery is usually via warm transfer or a data lead post.

Contact us about USDA purchase lead programs.

Non-Qualified Mortgage Purchase Leads

We have very specific websites in our network that are dedicated to educating consumers about non-traditional financing and non qualified mortgage programs.

Normally, we generate fewer of these inquiries than we do traditional qualified mortgage inquiries – but as lender demand rises, we are investing more heavily in these sites and as a result they are producing more leads than ever in 2017.

Contact us about non-qualified mortgage lead programs.

Stated Income Mortgage Purchase Leads

For lenders who have stated income loan programs, we have consumers specifically requesting stated income loan program information – whether through one of our dedicated websites (such as statedincome.org) or through one of our “other” websites.

Stated income mortgage lead programs are available and delivery is usually via warm transfer or a data lead post.

Contact us for more information about stated income mortgage leads.

Warm Transfers: Our Most Popular Purchase Leads in 2017

In 2017, purchase leads are becoming more popular for lenders because interest rates are going up and less people are wanting to refinance their homes. As the purchase lead demand ramps up, we are seeing a common request from lenders who don’t have big call centers who are experts at dialing through thousands of records in the most efficient way possible:

“Can you please just send me warm transfers?”

The answer is Yes.

Our warm-transfer mortgage lead program for lenders is one of our most popular programs in 2017. It is especially popular with branch managers who have 5-50 loan officers who can answer the phone when a transfer happens.

If you are a branch manager (or manage branch managers) it is easy to get set up on our warm transfer program and is probably the most efficient way to get more production out of your branch through the purchase channel.

Contact us today about a warm-transfer purchase lead program.

Purchase Leads: Realtors Love Them

One common thing we hear from our lenders is that their Realtor partners LOVE it when they are actually getting leads from their lender partners.

Weird, right?

What easier way to set yourself apart with your top-producing Realtor partners than to feed them a consistent flow of people who want to buy a house and don’t already have a Realtor?

Pro-tip: if you plan on leveraging a lead program with us to help your Realtor friends grow their business, be sure to request leads that indicate they don’t already have a Realtor – its easy for us to do.

Order Today: Start Tomorrow?

Getting started with a Purchase Lead program is easy. Because we control all of the media buying, websites and call center we can execute quickly on your order. The typical turnaround time to launch is usually a week, but we can easily speed it up if needed.

The reason it is usually a week is because it takes a lender that long to get set up!

We have thousands of people each day visiting our websites asking to be matched with a lender and we are ready anytime you are.

Contact us today to get started.

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